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Gig Harbor is a small fishing town located in Western Washington along the Puget Sound. A premier boating community, it offers waterfront dining and shopping for all types of visitors, either by land or sea.

Surrounding the Olympic Conference location at the Inn at Gig Harbor, are many fine dining restaurants and shops. A short drive to the waterfront offers more dining and a chance to see the original fishing village. Be sure to see the fishermen memorial at the community park. Gig Harbor's rich history can be seen there and at the Gig Harbor Museum where you can walk through time, appreciating the hard work and independence of the local community. Along with exploring the waterfront, shopping in the unique and quaint buildings surrounding the harbor offers an entertaining day in a community whose roots go deep into Puget Sound and beyond. The fishing fleets still leave the Harbor in search of riches in the Bearing Sea and the Pacific just as it has for generations, and the families still gather to pray for safe travels and a happy return. Warmth and hospitality are to be found in Gig Harbor where visitors are treated as friends.

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Gig Harbor History Museum

Many businesses are within walking distance of the waterfront and the main hub of Skansie Brothers Park. These include watering holes such as Heritage Distilling, 7 Seas Brewing, MORSO, Tides Tavern plus many more.

Boatshop Livery Service

If you are looking for a unique water experience, Gig Harbor has them! Classic boats are available to rent by the hour from the BoatShop Livery Service during summer weekends. Take a cruise in a restored electric launch or rowboat and see the Harbor from a different perspective. Visit Gig Harbor Boatshop or call (253) 857-9344 to reserve your boat or learn more.

Looking for a touch of Italy? Try Gig Harbor Gondola - the only gondola operator in the state of Washington. Gig Harbor offers the most scenic and peaceful setting for a ride.

The Summer months bring visiting yachts and boats into the harbor from all over the Puget Sound. Quieter in winter, but a beautiful time to be on the water, you'll see fewer boats but a great deal of marine life and waterfowl. Opportunities for visitors to enjoy the water and other recreational activities include:

The Heritage Distilling Company

(Waterfront) 3118 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor WA (253) 514-8120 (Open until 8:00 pm)

(Flagship ) 3207 57th St Ct NW, Gig Harbor, WA (253) 509-0008 (Open until 6:00 pm)

Heritage Distillery

Heritage Brewery 1Heritage Brewery 2Heritage Brewery 3Heritage Brewery 4

The Olympic Conference is pleased to partner with Heritage Distillery in offering opportunities to experience Gig Harbors award-winning craft spirits company.

The Heritage Distilling Co. (HDC) is a craft distillery based in Gig Harbor, Washington. HDC is the most awarded craft distillery in North America by the American Distilling Institute for four years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). Each of the Heritage Distilling Co. product lines and services were developed with a particular story in mind, because 'Every Spirit has a Story'.

Some are rooted in the history and heritage of our company founders, while others are centered on the collective heritage and history we all long to create and share. As a family-owned Craft Distillery, HD manages the entire process of making the spirits by hand; from identifying and working directly with the farmers growing our grains, to ensuring the purity of the water source, to milling the grain, making the mash and wort and running custom made stills ; HD strives to maintain the best of the "Field to Flask" ethos.

Tours and events will be scheduled throughout the day of the Conference. The Distillery is conveniently located next door to the Inn at Gig Harbor.