June 02, 2018 OlympiCon Schedule of Events

The schedule below is a general outline of the conference timetable. The specific agenda and speakers for the conference are under current discussion and will be published when possible. For emergent info please check out our Facebook page at Facebook.


6:00-8:00PM VIP, Speaker and staff reception - Volunteer Suite



08:00 Registration and Coffee Service Opens

08:45 Opening Ceremonies with Tony Stephens Jr., Jake Robinson, and Kerry French

09:00 Keynote Address by Rosa Koire, Going Local: the truth about global manipulation at the neighborhood level and beyond

10:00 Tea Talk - Building Coalitions for Liberty with John Carlson

10:30 The Disarming and Re-Arming of America - Moderated by KVI Host Kirby Wilbur - among our panel will be Phil Watson from the Firearms Policy Coalition, Boyd Kneeland(WAC), Marcus Carter from Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club, and 2nd Amendment Activist Robert Parker

11:20 Break for Box Lunch


12:00 Afternoon Keynote with Todd Herman - Relating To The Offense and Defensive Use of Social Media

1:00 How the left redefines language and what you can do about it with Keli Carender, Sharon Hanek, and Kerry French

2:00 Property Rights, Air, Water, and You - moderated by the Pacific Legal Foundation - among our panel will be Rosa Koire, Glen Morgan, Bill Palmer, and Roy Runyon

3:00 Matters of Style: What Works and What Doesn't Work with KVI Host Kirby Wilbur, and panelists Todd Herman, Glen Morgan, Keli Carender, and Tim Eyman

4:00 The Inside Story: Networking and Navigating the System moderated by Marty McClendon with panelists Amy Curver, Sharon Trask, Roy Runyon, and Rick Forschler

5:00 Tea Talk with Glen Morgan; Innovative Activism - The Importance of Coalitions

5:20 Closing Ceremonies

5:35-7:00 Petit reception and networking - guest appearance by Representative Jesse Young of the 26th Legislative District to answer your questions

6:00 Transportation to the VIP Networking Sunset Cruise

6:30 2-3 Hr. Sunset Cruise (for first 26 VIP Registrations Received)

Information on Saturday Evening Cruise with Special Guests